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Measure L is a 25-year, ½ cent sales tax, that was approved by Stanislaus County voters by an overwhelming 71.95% in November of 2016. Measure L provides funding for local transportation improvements including, but not limited to: fixing potholes and maintaining streets; improving emergency response; providing safe routes to schools; providing senior, veterans and disabled shuttle services; and improving safety and reducing traffic congestion on Highway 99 and major streets.

The passage of Measure L now designates Stanislaus County as a ‘Self-Help’ county. Stanislaus County joins twenty-three other counties in California that have already approved similar ballot measures making them ‘Self-Help’ Counties. With these voter-approved local transportation funds, Self-Help Counties are able to maintain and improve their transportation systems. They are also more successful in competing for funding and leveraging a larger share of state and federal dollars. Self-Help funds generated must stay local and can only be spent on transportation.

The Stanislaus Council of Governments is pleased to announce all jurisdictions are compliant in regard to Measure L reporting requirements. These requirements include Master Fund Agreements, Maintenance of Effort, and Measure L Project Lists.

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