Updated on: September 25, 2019 at 10:00 am

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Fernando Ulloa, PE
Director of Engineering, Building, Capital Projects / City Engineer
1 Plaza Circle Patterson CA 95363

Tiffany Rodriguez
Capital Projects Manager
1 Plaza Circle Patterson CA 95363

Local Benefits

  • Provides $21,840,272 for local streets and road maintenance and repair.
    Includes partial funding to construct the Zacharias Interchange.
  • Provides $3,752,000 for signalization improvements on Sperry Avenue.
    Contributes $2,184,027 towards Safe Routes to School and local bike and pedestrian upgrades.
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Audit reports will be available July 2019

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ExpenditureExpenseTransaction Description
PATTERSON BIKE$27,376June 2018 Bike/Pedestrian Sidewalk/Parks Improvement Project

Allocations by expenditure categories: