Updated on: November 8, 2018 at 9:35 am

Regional Projects:

  • SR-132: Construct  four lane Expressway : SR-99  to  Gates  Road
  • SR-33:  Highway  & Pedestrian Safety Improvement- Merced County Line to  Yolo  Avenue
  • SR-99:  Briggsmore  Ave Interchange  – Reconstruct   to  eight  lanes
  • SR-99:  Mitchell  Service  Road & SR-99 Construct  new interchange  Phase 1
  • SR-99:  Construct  Auxiliary  Lane – Keyes Rd to  Taylor   Rd
  • SR-99:  Construct  Auxiliary  Lane – Taylor  Rd to Monte Vista Ave
  • SR-99:  West Main & SR-99 Interchange  – Reconstruction
  • SR-99:  Intelligent  Transportation  System  – San Joaquin County  Line To Merced   County   Line
  • SR108 – SR120:  Intersection Improvement
  • SR-99:  Standiford  Ave Interchange  – Reconstruct  to eight lanes
    McHenry  Ave:  Widen  road to five lanes from Ladd Rd To Stanislaus River
    North  County  Corridor: Design  & Right  Of Way
    Faith Homes  Road: Construct  Faith Home  Road River Crossing
    Zacharias Rd: Extend Zacharias  Road West  & Construct  New Interchange  At 1-5 – Raines Rd To 1-5