Updated on: January 16, 2019 at 10:13 am

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Raul L. Mendez
City Manager
City of Hughson
7018 Pine Street/PO Box 9
Hughson, California 95326
(209) 883-4054

Local Benefits

  • Provides $6,048,075 for local street and road repairs and maintenance.
  • Funds Whitmore Avenue roundabout.
  • Provides over $600,000 for Safe Routes to Schools and Hatch Road Multi-Use Trail Improvements.

Audit reports will be available July 2019
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ExpenditureExpenseTransaction Description
HUGHSON STREETS$44,671.64Santa Fe Ave Project
HUGHSON BIKE$24,546.90Hughson Ave Imp
HUGHSON BIKE$290.00Hughson Ave Sidewalk
HUGHSON BIKE Total$24,836.90

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Allocations by expenditure categories: